Our Mission

Helping Property Owners Make Informed Decisions.

For owners of significant real estate assets who wish to plan for

  • continued stewardship
  • purchasing additional property
  • management
  • estate planning
  • sale of their real estate holdings

Our Process

Dean Lemons & Associates offers comprehensive land planning and appraisal services.

The process is straightforward -Our consultants will:

  • first consult with each client to determine his or her concerns and objectives
  • work with families and institutions where goals may be conflicting or unclear
  • help sort through and clarify all the issues

Dean Lemons & Associates will identify and maximize the value of your distinctive property by defining its potential through creative planning and design techniques, tied to market realities.

Dean Lemons & Associates provides our clients with the information necessary to make an informed decision about their real estate.

What Is The Objective?

Dean Lemons & Associates works with clients to develop a set of choices and to understand the financial implications of each choice. Depending on each client's objectives, such choices may include:

  • sale of all or a portion of the property
  • gifting to the next generation
  • conservation of all or a portion of the property through Conservation
  • easements
  • charitable gifts
  • development of the property, or limited development
  • purchase of abutting properties

We  are experienced in the planning and regulatory process, gaining approvals, and in managing land development. We possess the necessary skills for negotiating complex transactions and resolving conflicts for our clients.


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